Here are some resources our members have compiled over the years. We hope they will help in the process of communicating your position to the review panel and government particularly during the public consultations.

This list is an addition to the Documents Under Consideration you can find on the website of the Review Panel.

General reports on fracking

New York State -Fracking-Compendium.pdf
Council of Canadian Academies 2013 Report on Shale Gas Extraction Commissioned by Fed Govt.pdf
QC 2011 Shale Gas Report - Exec Summary.pdf
QC 2011 Shale Gas Report.pdf
Report of the Nova Scotia Independent Review Panel
Philippe & Partners, 2011, Final Report on Unconventional Gas in Europe.pdf
Nature debate on Fracking 2011 2.pdf
Kargbo, Wilhelm, Campbell, 2010, Natural Gas Plays in the Marcellus Shale - Challenges and Potential Opportunities.pdf
Hagstrom & Adams 2012 Hydraulic fracturing risks.pdf
Charman 2010 Trashing the Planet for Natural Gas .pdf
Broomfield 2012 European Commission Study on Fracking.pdf
AEA, 2012, ID of Potential Risks from hydrocarbons operations involving hydraulic fracturing in EU.pdf

Air emissions

Howarth 2011 GHGs of natural gas in shale.pdf
Howarth 2012 Climate change and shale gas.pdf
Jiang et al., 2011, Life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of Marcellus shale gas.pdf
McKenzie et al 2012 Human health risk assessment of air emissions from development of unconventional natural gas resources.pdf
Stephenson 2012 “Greenwashing gas Might a ‘transition fuel’ label legitimize carbon-intensive natural gas development.pdf
Stephenson, Valle, & Palou, 2011, Modeling the Relative GHG Emissions of Conventional and Shale Gas Production.pdf
Wang et al 2011 Reducing the greenhouse gas footprint of shale gas.pdf
Weinhold 2012 Future of Fracking.pdf

Climate change (also see air emissions)

AEA, 2012, Climate Impact of Potential Shale Gas Production in the EU Final Report.pdf
Jaccard & Griffin, Shale Gas and Climate Targets Can they be reconciled.pdf

Regulatory oversight

Adair, Pearson, Monast, Vengosh & Jackson, Considering Shale Gas Extraction in North Carolina.pdf
BC Aud Gen 2010 Improved oversight needed for oil and gas sites.pdf
Davis 2012 The Politics of Fracking: Regulating Natural Gas Drilling Practices in Colorado and Texas.pdf
Jackson et all, 2011, Research and policy recommendations for hydraulic fracturing and shale gas extraction.pdf
Obold 2012 Fracking Chemicals Act and Drilling Reform.pdf
Rahm 2011 Regulating hydraulic fracturing in shale gas plays The case of Texas.pdf
Rubin and Morrissey 2011 Fracking Regulatory Developments.pdf
Spence 2013 Federalism and Regulating Fracking.pdf
Tallent 2013 NY Fracking Risk.pdf
Wiseman, 2009, Rise of Hydraulic Fracturing & Need to Revisit Regulation.pdf


Barne & Fehler, 1986, Earthquakes and Hydraulic Fracturing.pdf
Davies indusced seismicity.pdf
Oklahoma Earthquake Recharges Fracking Debate.pdf
Oklahoma Earthquakes.pdf
Shapiro 2009 seismicity.pdf

Socioeconomic impacts

Weber 2012 The effects of a natural gas boom on employment and income in Colorado, Texas, and Wyoming.pdf
JM Barth, 2013 The economic impact of shale gas development on state and local economies: Benefits, costs and uncertainties


AEA, 2012, ID of Potential Risks from hydrocarbons operations involving hydraulic fracturing in EU.pdf
Duke Univ. Nicholas Sch. of the Env't, 2011, Methane levels 17 times higher in water wells near hydrofracking sites.pdf
Environmental Science & Technology, 2003, Does Hydraulic Fracturing harm Ground Water.pdf
EPA Fracking Impacts on Drinking Water Resources Summary 2012.pdf
Jackson et al 2011 Response to Davis re fracking and methane in drinking water.pdf
Lustgarten, 2008, Drill For Natural Gas, Pollute Water.pdf
Lustgarten, 2009, Setting the Record Straight on Hydraulic Fracturing.pdf
McKay et all 2011 Science and Marcellus Shale.pdf
Methane found in well water near fracking.pdf
Myers 2012 Potential Contaminant Pathways from Hydraulically Fractured Shale to Aquifers.pdf
Northrup, 2010, Potential Leaks from Hydro-Fracking of Shale.pdf
Osborn et al 2011 Methane contamination of drinking water from fracking.pdf
Parfitt, Fracture Lines.pdf
Rozell & Reaven 2012 Water Pollution Risk Associated with Natural Gas Extraction from the Marcellus Shale.pdf
Warner et al 2012 Migration of fracking in to aquifers.pdf

Well bore integrity

Assessment and risk analysis of casing and cement impairment in oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania, 2000–2012
Northrup, 2010, Potential Leaks from Hydro-Fracking of Shale.pdf